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Fans getting tired of Harry and Meghan media saturation: report


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Fans getting tired of Harry and Meghan media saturation: report

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According to a senior Hollywood executive, Harry and Meghan’s saturation in the US media may generate “boredom and frustration” among fans.

“I’m sure they were both surprised and disappointed at how comparatively little coverage her birthday and her new crusade managed to generate in their new homeland,” the unnamed Hollywood expert told Express.

“But the fact is that while people here are fascinated by the royals in general and Harry and Meghan in particular, they are not obsessed like the folks they left behind in Britain.

“I think many fans in America are not only confused but also a little bored by the social activism.

“It’s great that they seem to support so many worthy causes but most people don’t like to be preached at and, frankly, can’t relate to some of the things they say.


“Sometimes less is more and if Harry and Meghan are really trying to build a massive following for their Archewell brand, they might want to limit their public appearances rather than trying to set the news agenda every week.

“If fans do walk away in boredom or frustration, they are going to find it incredibly hard, if not impossible, to win them back. Just for a while, it might help them if we were to see a little less, rather than more of them on camera.

“As well as being somewhat overexposed, there’s also the risk of spreading themselves too thinly by taking on so much it might prove impossible to accomplish everything they have set out to.” The source’s words are echoed by royal author Margaret Holder.

She claims Meghan’s birthday video made the royals “cringe” because it included “a few subtly choreographed swipes that might have had the Queen wincing behind the tartan cushions at Balmoral”

She said Meghan’s 40×40 crusade was “skimming the surface” of the issue, adding: “We used to say that the Royal Family was turning into a soap opera, but now it is becoming something else.”

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