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Seth Rogen shaved for s-x scene

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Seth Rogen shaved for s-x scene

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Seth Rogen, the popular actor known for his role in the movie “Knocked Up”, has revealed some interesting details about a particular scene in the film that required him to shave his back.

Despite being prepared to strip down with co-star Elizabeth Banks, director Kevin Smith ultimately decided against showing the actors n^ked onscreen.

Rogen shared his experience with WENN, stating that he went as far as shaving his back just in case.

He even went fully bare, likening himself to a two-year-old child.

The actor explained that he didn’t want to be too realistic onscreen, as he believed that the world wasn’t quite ready for a hairy back in a love scene.


He also made a humorous reference to Robin Williams, questioning whether there had ever been a s** scene featuring the late actor.

Rogen suggested that such a scene would border on bestiality and that the audience wouldn’t be interested in seeing it.

The revelation has sparked conversations online, with many fans expressing their surprise at Rogen’s dedication to the role.

Some have even praised him for going the extra mile to ensure that the scene was as realistic as possible.

Others have noted that the decision to not show the actors n^ked onscreen was likely a wise one, as it could have detracted from the film’s overall message.

“Knocked Up” was a romantic comedy that explored the challenges of unplanned pregnancy and the complexities of relationships.

As such, the inclusion of a graphic s** scene may have detracted from the film’s more serious themes and lessened its impact on audiences.

It’s possible that director Kevin Smith recognized this and chose to focus on other aspects of the story instead.

Regardless of the reasons behind the decision, Rogen’s willingness to go the extra mile for his craft is certainly admirable.

It’s a testament to his commitment to his roles and his desire to create the most authentic performances possible.

Overall, Rogen’s revelation has added an interesting layer to the story behind “Knocked Up”.

While it may not have been necessary for the actors to be fully n^ked onscreen, Rogen’s dedication to the role is certainly noteworthy and adds a level of authenticity to the film’s love scenes.

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