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Emily Blunt stole A Quiet Place role from her friend

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Emily Blunt stole A Quiet Place role from her friend

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According to Emily Blunt, she made her husband fire a rival actress so that she could feature in the movie.

In an appearance on the first edition of the new season of The Graham Norton Show in the UK, Blunt, who plays the lead in the horror flick A Quiet Place, admitted that she wasn’t initially interested in playing the lead and instead encouraged a friend to take the part.

Blunt refused to give the actress’ name but called her a “good friend.”

The filmmaker’s spouse John Krasinski also served as co-writer and director.

“We had just had our second child (Violet) and I was about to do Mary Poppins and so I was in a sort of general feeling of joy, I didn’t know if I wanted to go towards the darkness of the pitch that he’d given me,” she said.


With Krasinski by her side, she said she “mentioned a friend of mine” and suggested he “should call so and so”.

Krasinksi retorted, “That person was great.”

“But when I read the script, I really wanted to do it. John had already approached another actress – a good friend of mine – so I told him he had to ring her and sack her! Luckily, we are still friends.”

Blunt defended herself, saying, “You didn’t send her a script, she wasn’t hired.

The magical nanny returns to visit the now-adult Michael and Jane Banks in the Mary Poppins Returns remake, which will be set in 1930s London, to help them “rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives.”

Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Lin Manuel Miranda from Hamilton, Emily Mortimer, and Ben Whishaw will all appear with Blunt in the film. She will also be joined by her Into The Woods co-star.

Dick Van Dyke will also have a prominent role.


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