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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal visit to Cardiff

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal visit to Cardiff

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Today, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in Cardiff, Wales, for their second royal engagement of the year.

The pair arrived to rapturous applause, an hour late due to a train delay from London to Cardiff.

Meghan was overheard telling fans she was a “super lucky woman” and joked with two fans that the Welsh city would be a “fun” place to have a hen party.


The couple’s visit to Cardiff Castle and a community and recreation facility in the city produced the same amount of enthusiasm as their previous two excursions to Nottingham and Brixton, south London, indicating that the excitement, curiosity, and intrigue around them shows no signs of waning.


The pair is in Cardiff for a day to “showcase Welsh culture and heritage”. Before sunrise, supporters were already forming a line outside Cardiff Castle to see them.

The pair was treated to multiple performances by local dancers and singers once inside the castle. Markle took off her coat to reveal a Theory off-the-shoulder checkered jacket.


The castle gates opened at 9 a.m., with first-come, first-served parking available.

Later, the pair visited the Star Hub leisure complex in Tremorfa, where national sports charity StreetGames works, to explore how sport can benefit poor children.

This is the adorable moment a bunch of Cardiff students gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a group hug apiece.


“Everyone give Meghan a group hug, go!” Harry instructs the kids. After the throng of happy kids obliges, she answers with “You’ve made my day!”

The touching incident occurred barely 24 hours after the Duchess of Cambridge, Miss Markle’s future sister-in-law, embraced students during a visit to south west London.

“It’s my first time in Wales ever,” Meghan revealed at the conclusion of her tour. “I love it. Everyone is so sweet.”

According to a spokesperson for StreetGames, Markle and Harry were “brilliant with the kids.”


‘At one stage, all the girls in the street dance session gave Meghan a big group hug! Meghan seemed very touched by the warmth of the girls and was very at home in the role,’ they said.

‘When one of the young girls was a bit nervous and holding the hand of one of their team, she went over and bent down to introduce herself and brought the little girl back to the main group. The girl was much more at ease and happily chatted to both Prince Harry and Meghan after that.’

Youngsters gathered in Tremorfa to meet the couple

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