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Meghan Markle ‘desperate’ to win Oscar with £112m Netflix deal, friend claims

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Meghan Markle ‘desperate’ to win Oscar with £112m Netflix deal, friend claims

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Meghan Markle is allegedly hopeful that the Netflix contract she and Prince Harry struck will earn her an Oscar.

This is according to her friends, who wish to remain anonymous.

The pair signed a £112 million contract with the streaming service this week and aim to develop a variety of ‘inspirational’ programs, according to reports.

The Mail on Sunday can disclose that Meghan believes the agreement will net her an Academy Award, which has been a childhood ambition of hers, in addition to millions of pounds to support their luxurious lifestyle.

The former Suits star, who portrayed Rachel Zane on the show, left her acting career behind when she married into the royal family.


According to a long-time acquaintance who spoke to the publication: “An Oscar is all Meg has ever wanted. She used to practise her acceptance speech in the mirror with a hairbrush when she was a kid of seven.

“She would also practise her signature in preparation for all the autographs she would give.

“Her absolute dream was to achieve the EGOT – the grand slam of showbusiness – which is winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award.”

‘Her acceptance speech has been ready for 30 years. Perhaps now she will get to use it.’

Despite neither having a history in television production, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be considering creating documentaries, films, and children’s television series.

Meghan and Harry, according to the newspaper, are following in the footsteps of Barack and Michelle Obama, who also inked a Netflix deal and won an Oscar this year for the documentary American Factory.

‘The focus will be on creating a wide-range of programmes about stories and issues that resonate with them personally – including highlighting issues that their non-profit [company] Archewell is focused on,’ their American representative gushed.

‘Enabling a more compassionate and equitable world isn’t just something they do through their non-profit, it’s a belief they hold and model themselves which will carry through in this venture.’

Despite Meghan and Harry’s delight at the Netflix partnership, nine out of 10 British people say they would not watch their new Netflix series.

According to a YouGov poll, 64% of respondents indicated they were “not interested at all” in viewing the couple’s shows.

A source says that using their royal titles for any production credits would be “impossible,” otherwise they will be accused of, and indeed actually be, cashing in on their royal status which they pledged not to do’.

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