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Meghan Markle wore a $30 dress During FaceTime Call with Prince Harry and James Corden

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Meghan Markle wore a $30 dress During FaceTime Call with Prince Harry and James Corden

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Meghan Markle is showing that you don’t have to wear expensive clothes to look like a millionaire. The former Suits actress sparkled in a puffed-sleeved smocked dress in a lovely shade of blue during a FaceTime conversation with her husband Prince Harry and their close friend James Corden.

Meghan Markle made a brief appearance during James Corden’s segment with Prince Harry when the TV host insisted on calling the duchess outside the mansion of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” As part of a tour of Los Angeles, Corden took Harry to the house and even had him rap the lines to the ’90s sitcom’s theme song while they were there.

He told her, “You would be the fresh princess of Bel-Air.”

Velvet Torch, a family-owned apparel company in Los Angeles, praised the 39-year-old actress’s wardrobe choice. On Friday, Feb. 26, the brand said on Instagram, “So this happened today.”

Meghan wore their Puff Sleeve Smock Dress, a blue above-the-knee dress with smocking along the front and back, on screen.


The puff-sleeve smocked dress by Velvet Torch was sold out in blue on Nordstrom Rack and the brand’s websites at the time of writing. However, a representative for Velvet Torch informed Insider that preorders were being taken and that the dress will be delivered by March 15. Nordstrom Rack also has a similar design in black from the same company in sizes extra-small to extra-large.

“Haz, how’s your tour of L.A. going?” she asked the Duke of Sussex during the brief chat, revealing her sweet nickname for her husband.

“Haz? I didn’t know we were calling you ‘Haz’ now,” Corden joked, to which Prince Harry replied, “You’re not my wife.”

“We can only imagine the options available to the duchess, so we are honored and beyond excited that she choose to wear our dress. Being a small family operation, we only dream of opportunities of visibility like this,” Peggy Elizabeth Mares, the founder of Velvet Torch, told Insider. “I hope this spotlight can encourage women and young girls who want to be in the business of fashion that a single mother of Hispanic heritage can dress royals.”

Markle finished off her ensemble with a blue necklace and natural makeup.

The Duchess of Sussex has made some lovely style statements in recent weeks. She and Prince Harry revealed they were having a baby on Valentine’s Day.

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the joyous announcement, as did their close friend and photographer Misan Harriman, who released a stunning new image of the couple.

Meghan wore a flowy outfit with a special meaning in the photo.

“I made [the dress] for her when she was pregnant with Archie, so almost two years ago,” Carolina Herrera creative director Wes Gordon told The Telegraph. “There’s a reality, it’s 2021, and we have a world to save, right? This is an undeniable crisis, and everyone has to do their part.”

Prince Harry offered Corden a bit more information on the cause for Markle’s “departure” from the royal family ahead of her major interview with Oprah Winfrey, which would cover everything from their move to the United States to their expanding brood.

“It was never walking away; it was stepping back rather than stepping down,” Prince Harry explained. “It was a really difficult environment, as I think a lot of people saw. We all know what the British press can be like. It was destroying my mental health.”

“I did what any husband and what any father would do, which is ‘I need to get my family out of here,’ but we never walked away,” he added.

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