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Joan Collins was drugged and raped at 17 by her future husband

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Joan Collins was drugged and raped at 17 by her future husband

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Actress Joan Collins has spoken about being raped when she was just 17-years-old.

The 81-year-old “Dynasty” actress sat down for an interview about the crime for “Brave Miss World,” according to the Daily Mail. She previously spoke about the horror in her memoirs.

By sharing the experiences of other rape survivors, Brave Miss World works to increase public awareness of sexual abuse.

Joan describes how she was drugged and sexually assaulted when she was still a virgin and reveals how her shame caused her to wed the criminal.

Brave Miss World sees former Israeli Miss World, Linor Abargil, travel the world meeting fellow rape victims to hear how their ordeals have affected their lives.


Speaking to Linor, the 81-year-old said: “I was raped when I was seventeen years old.”

She had just graduated from Rada and had been signed by Rank film studios. The actress recalls a date she went on with Maxwell Reed, during which he said that he needed to take a bath and left her with a rum and coke and some books to read.


“The books were p-rn, which I’d never seen before. Hardcore p-rn,” the 81-year-old said in the documentary.

She continued: “The next thing I knew, I was out flat on the sofa in that living room and he was raping me.

“And what he had given me was a drug. He had drugged my drink.

“It was what is called in those days a Mickey Finn. Which I think today would be Rohypnol. It felt so horrible. That I…that I’d done this thing. He was much older than me, and he was a famous star.”

While Collins realized the blame didn’t lie with her, that didn’t stop her from feeling that the incident was at least partially her fault.

“It wasn’t my fault but I didn’t know, I went out with him. And maybe I shouldn’t have gone out with him. He was much older than me, and he was a famous star,” she said.

“And anyway the bottom line is that he called me, and I went out with him again. And after I’d been going out with him for a few months, he asked me to marry him.

“And I thought, ‘Well I better because you know, he took my virginity.’ I really hated him, but I was so filled with guilt, that he had done this thing to me.”

According to the actress, the relationship was so scarring that it took her “a long time to be able to really trust any man.”

Linor was raped in 1998, seven weeks before she was crowned Miss World and has made it her life’s mission to encourage other women to speak out.

Her travel agent, Uri Schlomo Nur, was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for the attack.

Linor’s documentary, which received a standing ovation when it premiered last week at the Jewish Film Festival, is aimed to encourage other women to speak out if they have experienced similar situations.

Brave Miss World is now streaming on Netflix

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