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Prince Harry ‘threw the Queen’s gesture back in her face’ over ‘Megxit’

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Prince Harry ‘threw the Queen’s gesture back in her face’ over ‘Megxit’

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During a charity dinner event, Prince Harry allegedly ‘threw the Queen’s warm words back in her face,’ according to a Royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex’s heavy Sentebale address, according to royal biographer Phil Dampier, was full of veiled hints regarding his future with Meghan Markle.

“Harry’s speech to the Sentebale dinner reminded me greatly of King Edward VIII’s abdication address. He even sounded like him at times!,” Mr. Dampier remarked in an interview with Fabulous Digital.

With “great sadness,” Harry and his wife announced their departure from the Royal Family, saying there was “no other option.”

Dampier added : ‘It was all about him, justifying his actions and admitting he had to give it all up for the woman he loved.


‘The Queen had sent out warm words as a loving grandmother in her statement. But Harry threw this all back in her face by opening up on Sunday night.’

“So, I want you to hear the truth from me, as much as I can share – not as a Prince, or a Duke, but as Harry,” Prince Harry said at the start of his address. Mr. Dampier accuses Prince Harry of “trying to make people like him and get down on the same level as his charity” in order to ensure he has the final word against the Queen.

He said it was an attempt to remove himself from the Family as he sought to forge a new identity.

Despite the fact that he is relocating to Canada, the Duke proclaims his love for the United Kingdom in a part of his address.

“The UK is my home and a place that I love. That will never change.”

This sounded contrary to Harry’s prior statements, according to Phil, and may be part of a larger plan.

“He says the UK is his home and a place he loves,” he added.

“But in previous interviews Harry has said he doesn’t like this country and wanted to leave.

“I can’t help feeling this speech was all about a damage limitation exercise, PR spin to make it easier for him to come home when he likes.”

‘What I want to make clear is we’re not walking away, and we certainly aren’t walking away from you,’ Harry said of him and Meghan in one portion of his address.

But, according to expert Mr Dampier, this is “absurd,” as seen by his recent judgments.

The royal scribe also feels that with all of the media attention on Prince Harry, he is starting to go a little “potty.”

“I always think people are going a bit potty when they start talking about themselves in the third person as Harry did,” Phil remarked.

“It must be galling for Charles to read this. He is his father.”

Meghan and Harry have already began the process of starting a new life in Canada. The duchess is in Canada with her son Archie, where the Sussexes spent six weeks during the holidays.

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