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Katy Perry Caught Pretending to Play Flute On Stage

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Katy Perry Caught Pretending to Play Flute On Stage

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This is humiliating. While performing a lively pop rendition of “Big Pimpin,” Katy Perry made the decision to bring a flute onto the stage and give it a go.

It looks like she’s nailing it, surprisng the crowd with the unveiling of her hidden talent. Only one problem: she forgets to put the flute to her mouth and the flute music keeps playing.

An embarrassed Katy then pretended to cry and told the crowd: “So I learnt that I can’t play the flute.”

On YouTube, many said that it was all part of the performance.

The celebrity then said that she was in on the joke.


In a message on Twitter, she wrote: “P.s. Fail to all of you who fell for my scripted flute joke #Iminonthejokebooya.”

Regardless, Grand Rapids fans will miss the chance to witness “flute-gate” in person.

On December 1 in Grand Rapids, Katy Perry was set to wrap up the current leg of her California Dreams 2011 World Tour. But due to “unforeseen production and scheduling conflicts,” that program had to be canceled.

The show on December 1 was moved from September because Katy was ill.

Her reaction in the video is unambiguously an admission of the faux pas; she isn’t trying to fool anyone.

Perry previously told Reuters that she is not drawn to the hedonistic lifestyle that contributed to the loss of other outstanding singers before her in the wake of the passing of British singer Amy Winehouse.

Perry, whose songs include “Teenage Dream” and “Firework,” claimed that the honest, encouraging people in her life—like her British actor/comedian husband Russell Brand, a former drug addict who is now drug-free—help her avoid the crazy, party lifestyle.

She told Reuters, “I like to keep good people around me, people that aren’t always ‘yes’ people, people that sometimes it’s difficult to be around because they’re not ‘yes’ people.”

“My husband is definitely one of those, he keeps me accountable and, you know, he’s not a fan, even though he is a fan…he supports me and loves me but he doesn’t bullshit me, which is really important.”

When Winehouse was discovered dead on Saturday in her London residence, the California native, who is one year younger than Winehouse, tweeted, “RIP Amy Winehouse. May she finally find peace”.

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