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Marisa Tomei ‘disappointed’ after Aunt May scene was cut from Spider-Mann: Homecoming

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Marisa Tomei ‘disappointed’ after Aunt May scene was cut from Spider-Mann: Homecoming

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Even though “Spider-Man: Homecoming” has just completed its first week in theaters and is currently enjoying a tremendous box office success, Marisa Tomei is sad that a sequence she truly liked was left out of the Jon Watts movie.

Given that all prior depictions had been by considerably older women, there was controversy when Tomei was chosen for the role in the movie.

One of the few critiques leveled at the film is that she appears to be a little too two-dimensional.

Tomei has stated that a scene that was cut could have just been the solution.



In an interview with HuffPost, Tomei stated that “There were also things in the original [script], which I signed up for, which weren’t there when we shot it.”

The actress admitted that, while she had a great time on set, she was saddened with a sequence that was removed from the original screenplay in which her character would have saved a young girl who was in danger.

“There was something going on in the neighborhood, and there was a little girl in distress, and I saved her, and Peter saw me save her, so you kind of saw that he got part of his ethics from her.”

Tomei continued, “Then I come home, and I don’t even tell him that that’s what happened, and, of course, there’s all this stuff that he’s not telling me. So he’s like, ‘How was your day?’ And I’m like, ‘It was fine,’ but really I was shaking inside because of this whole crisis that had happened in the city. I’m kind of fibbing to him, and he’s fibbing to me, and we’re living in this house together, and it was a very interesting setup. I was quite disappointed that wasn’t in there.”

While the scene could have certainly added further suspense, insofar as extending May’s scrutiny of Peter’s nighttime activities, the film sans that particular Aunt May scene still runs for 133 minutes. With stacked casts and intense storylines, it’s easy to see how a more subdued sequence had to be scrapped. But there’s always hope for the director’s cut!

Homecoming director Jon Watts noted that a picture goes through a number of identities until all parties involved settle on a final vision when asked to expound on how the production team went about honing in on a final screenplay. The process of writing the script is iterative, especially if many writers are involved, but Watts said the goal is always to reduce it to the fundamentals. “An initial pass at a script is more of an exploratory pass, and you start locking in on what the themes are and you start locking in on the best character moments and the set pieces and boiling it down to be the most precise thing possible.”

But aside from that, Homecoming has been a resounding success.

In addition to receiving high praise from critics, it also had a great $117 million US box office debut, comfortably surpassing Andrew Garfield’s and Tobey Maguire’s debut as Peter Parker.

The rest of our chat with Tomei covered a wide range of topics, from the challenges of making Aunt May’s character sexually appealing to whether or not she genuinely loves “quirky, bald men,” as they say on “Seinfeld.”

Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Tyne Daly, Bokeem Woodbine, Marisa Tomei, and Robert Downey Jr. are among the cast members of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is currently playing in cinemas.

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