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Amanda Seyfried Says Love Scene with Julianne Moore Was Risky

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Amanda Seyfried Says Love Scene with Julianne Moore Was Risky

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In the movie Chloe, Julianne Moore’s character hires a prostitute played by Amanda Seyfried to seduce her potentially unfaithful husband (Liam Neeson). But the tables turn when Seyfried’s character has eyes for Moore. A highly publicized s=x scene between the two ladies follows. How then did the performers get ready to let go of their inhibitions? Shots of tequila? Group therapy? It turned out to be rather technical.

The actresses tell People that although Julianne was impressed, Amanda felt a little afraid.

‘Was it different because it was [with] a girl? No,’ Moore said when asked about her on-screen fling with Seyfried by New York reporters on Monday. ‘Whenever you have an intimate scene with somebody, you’re very prepared. Everyone knows exactly what’s happening and it’s usually very choreographed … Amanda and I were comfortable with each other.’

However, Amanda, 24, acknowledges that she was apprehensive about performing a n-k-d sequence in the movie.

She said: “The risk factor came with the fact that the nudi+y could potentially create some damage with my American audience.”


“I had to do it. It was clearly the riskier choice but I think the better choice.”

Seyfried says she’s pleased she took the chance and that it was her most memorable experience on set now that the movie is finished and on its way to cinemas. “The love scene,” she said. “I’ll never forget that.”

The director Atom Egoyan just brushed off the fuss. “They are actors. They use their bodies to express feeling. That’s what their job is about,” he stated. Besides, “It’s a great scene and my favorite moment in the film perhaps.”

Atom Egoyan, the director, gave Seyfried and Moore a demonstration with (clothed) stand-ins to ensure that the sequence conveyed the right tone for a film about obsession. According to Seyfried,  “He brought the stand-ins into the bedroom of the hotel where we were shooting and had them…kind…of perform in the way we were supposed to. Atom was like, ‘Do you understand that?’ He was trying to make it very clear what he wanted.”

For that sequence, Moore and Seyfried insisted on one change: “to make it gentler,” as Seyfried put it.

Even if the unpleasant part lay ahead, they were then prepared. “When it got to that day (Julianne and I) were both like, ‘Okay!’ ” laughed Seyfried. “We know what we have to do technically and now we just have to take our pants off and hop into bed.”

Amanda, who rose to stardom in the Lindsay Lohan film “Mean Girls,” recently said she felt uncomfortable shooting private moments.

She said: “It is not the type of scene any actor is ever comfortable doing. Any kind of intimacy is strange. It is not your partner; it’s the actor or actress.”

“I don’t know what goes through my mind when I do these scenes.”

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