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Here’s Why Meghan Markle Cannot File Harry Divorce In US


Here’s Why Meghan Markle Cannot File Harry Divorce In US

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A fascinating detail regarding Prince Harry’s diplomatic passport has ignited a social media debate, as his citizenship could have consequences for his marriage to Meghan Markle if they choose to divorce in the United States.

Meghan cannot divorce Harry in California because he enjoys diplomatic immunity, according to royal author Angela Levin, who shared an interesting Instagram story on April 28. According to one Instagrammer, if Meghan files for divorce from Harry, the State Department will interfere directly to stop the proceedings owing to Harry’s diplomatic status.

His wife Meghan is an American citizen, and their son Archie, who was born in Windsor in 2019, would have joint British and American citizenship.

The author of Harry: Biography of a Prince, Angela Levin, retweeted a message on what would happen if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decide to split up.

The user wrote on Instagram: “An aspect that Meghan has not considered is that she cannot divorce Harry in California because he has diplomatic immunity so if she begins proceedings that State Department will step in and suspend proceedings.


“Meghan can only divorce Harry in London where his diplomatic immunity does not apply.”

Angela Levin retweeted the Instagram message, saying: “Very interesting revelation about Harry’s diplomatic immunity in the USA.

“Wonder if Meghan knew this.”

According to sources, the Duke of Sussex’s diplomatic passport would save him from civil proceedings in the United States, including a divorce.

Levin’s post ignited a Twitter argument. Some social media users doubted if Harry traveled on a diplomatic passport and received an A-1 visa from the US government, which grants him diplomatic immunity. Others argued that even having diplomatic immunity would not prevent Meghan from divorcing him in California.

Some also speculated that he might have an O-1 visa, which is reserved for those of exceptional ability or talents.


It’s uncertain how Prince Harry has managed to live in the United States without obtaining citizenship, although it’s presumably due to his royal status.

According to The Express, the duke could also have an A1 visa, which is intended for “diplomats and government officials”

Although Harry is qualified to become a permanent resident in the United States, The Times announced earlier this month that he will not seek residency and citizenship in the region.

“The Duke has not made an application for dual citizenship, and I don’t think he will apply for a green card at any point.” a royal source said.

According to the Immigration and Nationalization Act, if Harry wishes to become a US resident, he must specifically renounce whatever rank or order of nobility he retains before obtaining US citizenship.

If Harry obtains US citizenship, he would be required to pay worldwide taxes.

These conditions are thought to be the reason Harry is reportedly reluctant obtain permanent status and citizenship in the United States.

If Harry wants complete freedom, Levin thinks he should seek citizenship in the United States. In an interview with the Daily Express, Levin said that Harry would be more successful in advocating for his causes in the United States if he wasn’t mistaken for a royal. He’d be able to openly articulate himself without the press tying his statements to how they could affect the royal family. Other lucrative offers that would not trigger a backlash could be pursued by the duke.

Royal podcasters Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito of Royally Obsessed believe Harry may prefer to become a resident of the United States because his mother had previously contemplated doing so. Princess Diana was planning to relocate to the United States months before her untimely death and was in the process of purchasing a home in Malibu. Paul Burrell, the Princess of Wales’ longtime butler and confidante, stated that this was indeed the Princess of Wales’ intention.



Let’s hope Prince Harry and Meghan’s marriage does not end up like this, and that it is as fruitful as his brother, Prince William, who is enjoying ten years of marriage happiness with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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