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To Whom Does Kate Middleton Have to Curtsy? The Duchess Must Still Follow Royal Family Etiquette Rules

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To Whom Does Kate Middleton Have to Curtsy? The Duchess Must Still Follow Royal Family Etiquette Rules

Everyone in the royal family must adhere to strict courtesy laws. And just because Kate Middleton is married to the future King of England, that doesn’t mean she should not curtsy her own relatives. The queen, on the other hand, would not expect her to treat everyone in the family with the same level of regard.

We’ll look at who Kate Middleton must curtsy to and why, as well as other courtesy rules she must always obey, ahead.

Why is Kate Middleton need to curtsy?

Kate Middleton is expected to curtsy to some members of her family, regardless of her royal rank. She doesn’t have to — and isn’t meant to — curtsy to all, however. There are specific regulations on who curtsies (or bows) to whom, just as there are with other royal family protocols. And just because Kate is always on the receiving end doesn’t mean she isn’t expected to support people in positions higher than her and Prince William.

To whom does Kate Middleton have to curtsy?

When in a formal atmosphere, any member of royalty bows or curtsies to higher-ranking family members. It can, however, become complicated — particularly for Kate. Find out who the duchess must bow to in the video below.

The Queen & Prince Philip

There is no doubt in Kate’s mind that she would bow to Queen Elizabeth II. All members of the royal family (and non-royal guests) bow or curtsy to her royal highness, particularly in formal settings and ceremonies.

Prince Philip is treated with the same reverence as the queen when he is married to her. While he is required to bow to the queen, he is greeted with curtsies and bows from other members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton.

Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles

Prince Charles is one of the most powerful members of the royal family as the heir apparent. With this in mind, Kate greets her father-in-law with a curtsy.

Camilla Parker Bowles is greeted with the highest regard by most royal family members because she is married to the future king. Kate bows to Camilla in accordance with the family’s protocol. However, it’s possible that they’ll keep things more informal before Prince Charles becomes king.


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