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Prince Harry Jealous of Meghan’s closest friend, Markus Anderson

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Prince Harry Jealous of Meghan’s closest friend, Markus Anderson

The prince is feeling left behind, as his wife relies more than ever on her closest confidante.

Before Prince Harry came along, he was her closest friend and the Duchess of Sussex’s main man.

Meghan has been relying on her close pal, Canadian-born strategist Markus Anderson, more than ever before as the royal couple’s fairytale relationship begins to falter.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, is seeing red amid her determination to hold Markus close.

According to royal watchers, their relationship is creating more turbulence than ever before in the royal marriage.

“Meghan and Markus have stayed super close even though she lives pretty far away now,” a royal source tells Woman’s Day.

“They communicate frequently through text and phone, and he’s been her pillar, particularly during the palace’s recent drama.”

“It’s plain to see that she’s so reliant on him,” the source continues.

“They’ve been friends for a long time, but Harry isn’t comfortable, and you can see why. Meghan can’t stand being separated from Markus and, he’s a good-looking guy. Any man, including a prince, would be a little insecure and jealous.”

Meghan met Markus in 2011 after relocating to Toronto, Canada, to film her hit show Suits.

Meghan and Markus both went on a European vacation together before meeting Harry. She would even brag about him on social media on a regular basis.

She once wrote on Instagram, “What would I do without you, my loving, supportive, and endlessly fun friend??”

“I know what… I would be bored, and life would be infinitely less interesting. I love you SO much. Happiest of days for you now and always. Love you .”

Markus began his career as a waiter at the fashionable Soho House.

According to royal sources, Harry wanted Markus to take a back seat when he and Meghan married.

“He’s not the jealous kind,” a source says, “and he’s more than happy for Meghan to have male mates.”

“However, it seems that Meghan spends more time talking to Markus than she does to Harry at times, especially recently.” He doesn’t have it easy.”





Who is Meghan Markle’s close friend Markus Anderson?

He is employed by Soho House.

Anderson works as a consultant with Soho House, a members-only club with branches in New York and London, as well as Toronto, Istanbul, and Mumbai.

In an interview with Coveteur, he defined his work as follows: “When the Soho House decides to open in a new city, I’m one of the first people sent out to get to know the city, the creatives that live there, and determine who we want to involve in the House.”

Anderson is said to have introduced Meghan Markle to Prince Harry.

Markle and Harry were introduced in May 2016 by her “closest friend in the world,” Anderson, according to the Daily Mail.

The royal announced the relationship news in a rare statement the following November, slamming the racial and sexual harassment she had allegedly received after her relationship with him was made public.

They’ve travelled all over the world together, including to Africa and Jamaica, and celebrated Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception in May.

He was born in Canada.

Though Anderson’s work has taken him all over the world, he was born in Canada, and his childhood seems to have shaped his drinking preferences.

Markle and Anderson spent a vacation in Spain.

In August 2016, the good friends flew to Madrid, and Markle couldn’t save herself from sharing a slew of photographs on Instagram.

The actress captioned a picture of Anderson, “Gracias #madrid,” the actress captioned a photo with Anderson. “It’s been many moons since I lived here and I’m loving it even more than before .”


He and Meghan are linked closely.

Meghan’s social media accounts showed a timeline of their friendship before they became public. They have not only been on holidays together, but she still constantly compliments him on her Instagram site. In a now-deleted tweet, she said of Anderson, “What would I do without you, my loving, supportive, and endlessly fun friend?? I know what….I would be bored, and life would be infinitely less interesting. I love you SO much. Happiest of days for you now and always. Love you xx ”

Champagne or beer are his preferred beverages.

“Although I’m open to drinking almost everything, I’m partial to either champagne or beer—I grew up in Ontario, after all,” the Canadian told Coveteur.

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