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Prince Harry and Meghan feel sorrow over Oprah interview

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Prince Harry and Meghan feel sorrow over Oprah interview

In the aftermath of Prince Philip’s passing, Prince Harry and Meghan feel sorrow over Oprah interview

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have expressed “regrets” over the timing of their interview with US TV host Oprah Winfrey, but say they had no influence over when it was broadcast.

Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, was in hospital when Harry and Meghan’s explosive interview aired, and he died only weeks later.

A source connected to the couple told a magazine that the couple was upset about the timing of their volatile conversation with Oprah.

Harry, who landed in the United Kingdom without Meghan to attend Prince Philip’s funeral, is shocked that he was unable to see the Duke of Edinburgh after his decision to leave the Royal Family and his life in the United Kingdom.

He was disappointed that Philip never met Archie and would never see his great granddaughter.

The Queen’s grandson had a tight relationship with the 99-year-old and praised him in the tell-all interview with the US host.

According to the source, Harry and Meghan wished that their friendship with Charles, William, and Kate would improve ‘one day.’

The Duke of Sussex has always spoken about his closeness to his grandfather, Prince Philip, and the Queen, so Harry and Meghan’s affection and admiration for him was never in question.

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