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Prince Charles shakes hands with trees he plants to ‘wish them well’ in the ‘most British act ever’

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Prince Charles shakes hands with trees he plants to ‘wish them well’ in the ‘most British act ever’

The news that Prince Charles shakes hands with every tree he plants ‘to wish it well’ has sparked controversy among royal fans.

Researchers for the popular comedic quiz program QI published the information on Twitter after the heir to the throne acknowledged it in a list of facts on his personal website.

The sweet aspect of the heir-to-the-throne’s tree-planting ceremony was praised as the “most British thing” ever by social media users.

Clarence House acknowledged to FEMAIL that it is a royal custom, and it is one of 70 facts about the heir to the throne that have been published on his own website.

It was hailed as “quite lovely” and “surprisingly cute” by one social media user.

“That’s the most British thing I’ve ever heard,” said another.

“I don’t be-leaf it!” joked another.

Fans of the green-fingered prince, who famously claimed in a 1986 interview that he makes his garden grow by talking to the plants, would not be surprised.

“I just come and talk to the plants, really – very important to talk to them. They respond,” Charles said.

He subsequently admitted that he not only talks with them but also trains them on a special 25th anniversary episode of BBC1’s Countryfile.

“After planting each tree, HRH gives a branch a friendly shake to wish them well,” according to the Prince’s website.

‘As I get older, all I really long for is to plant trees. I hope it will be quite amusing for George as they grow up and he grows up,’ Prince Charles said in a BBC documentary.

The first-in-line to the throne became emotional while seeing his son speak about his decades-long effort in Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall, which provided a behind-the-scenes look at the £1 billion enterprise spanning over 30,000 acres in 23 counties.

Fans praised the prince for being down to Earth, and it got great reviews on social media.

“Dear Duke & Duchess of Sussex — a ‘How to’ guide for you both. A documentary about his WORK, not HIM. A lesson in being a Royal. Take note,” one viewer wrote.

“I’ve started to think about how I will inherit the Duchy one day and what I do with it,” his oldest son, who is gradually taking over his job, said.

“I think it’s really important, about the family angle, I really do.”

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