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Miley Cyrus’s private jet Suit Comes from South Africa’s Coolest Label


Miley Cyrus’s private jet Suit Comes from South Africa’s Coolest Label

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Miley Cyrus was pictured on her private plane wearing a red strappy suit by local luxury designer Thebe Magugu. The ensemble is from Magugu’s first full menswear collection, ‘Doublethink,’ which premiered at this year’s Pitti Uomo in Florence.

Magugu, the 2019 LVMH Prize winner, makes garments that are not only gorgeous, but also convey a message. His spring idea was inspired by writer Mandy Wiener’s 2020 book Whistleblowers, which focuses on the heroes who have risked their lives to expose corruption and fraud in the nation’s governmental and financial structures. Magugu adapted this into unusual suiting and Western clothing that defied masculine power and dominance stereotypes.


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Miley completed her tailored ensemble with a pair of large aviator sunglasses and stacked gold necklaces. But without a question, our favorite feature is the pair of brilliant white Western cowboy boots that elevate the outfit to a whole new level of cool.

According to Vogue, who named Magugu’s business the trendiest in South Africa, Cyrus was on her way to a private party in New York’s Hamptons.


It makes sense that Cyrus would be drawn to Magugu’s work; she is an artist who has always valued the subversive. She and stylist Bradley Kenneth opted for his “Red Strappy” suit, which included a crimson jacket and matching pants tailored to perfection and complemented with a mint-green necktie worn casually as a scarf.

Miley lends a little more edge to the sophisticated ensemble.

Jonathan Zapiro, a political cartoonist, donated archive pieces to Magugu’s collection. Zapiro’s art was utilized to expose South Africa’s never-ending corruption problems. According to the brand’s website, the collection’s name was inspired by a George Orwell novel.

“Flyin high up on the bird acrophobia ✈️” Miley captioned the post. P.s. for those wondering what ‘acrophobia’ is, it’s an intense fear of heights – the more you know!

It follows the pop star’s performance at the Amagansett house of Galaxy Investment Partners CEO Mike Novogratz, who has been described as “one of Wall Street’s hardest-charging party animals.”

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