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How the Queen get her money


How the Queen get her money

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What does the monarch get paid and where does her money originate from?

Every year, the government gives the Queen a single payment known as the Sovereign Grant.

The payout is based on the earnings of the Crown Estate, which is owned by the monarch but operated independently.

Regent Street in London and Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire are among its properties.

It is not the Queen’s private property; it just belongs to the monarch for the duration of their reign. This implies that the Queen is unable to sell the Crown Estate or keep the proceeds for herself.


The Queen also gets private income from the Queen’s Privy Purse, which is passed down from monarch to monarch, in addition to the Sovereign Grant.

This is money from another private estate, the Duchy of Lancaster, which encompasses over 18,000 hectares of land. It comprises property in Lancashire and Yorkshire, as well as in downtown London.

The Queen also earns money from her own properties, such as Sandringham and Balmoral.

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