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Harry ‘looks sad & lonely’ after Interview

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Harry ‘looks sad & lonely’ after Interview

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According to a royal commentator, Prince Harry may be feeling “lonely” after the explosive interview with Oprah.

Meghan’s friends have rushed to her defense after she revealed that she was having suicidal thoughts and alleged that the institution dismissed her calls for assistance and that a royal made a racist remark about her son Archie.

According to royal observer Daniela Elser, there was a “startling” silence from the UK, with less of Harry’s friends speaking out on his behalf and criticizing the couple’s supposed treatment.

As he and Meghan left their royal duties, Harry told Oprah that he felt betrayed by his father and that the split with his brother had not been resolved. He also said that there was a lack of love and empathy from his family.

Meghan’s friends defended the pair, backed their allegations against the Royal Family, and thanked the American duchess for speaking up about her mental health issues.


Despite the outpouring of support from Meghan’s American friends, royal commentator Ms Elser wondered why some of Harry’s British friends aren’t speaking out.

Dean Stott, a friend who has spoken with the Sussexes, defended them and thanked them for telling their experience.

“If you see what is wrong that needs to be addressed, then it does need to be addressed,” the author and former special forces soldier told LBC.

Ms Elser speculated that Harry, who now lives in suburban Los Angeles with his pregnant wife and one-year-old son, might be lonely as a result of his family’s broken relationship and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms Elser wrote: “So far, all of the loudest voices have been from Meghan’s side of the aisle. Although the LA side of their social circle has come out in force, what about the London side? Crickets.”

“There’s something startling about the quiet,” she said.

Ms. Elser went on to say: “Surely now is the time for a well-placed Eton chum or two (with permission, of course) to put up a sympathetic interview or a quote here and there to make Brits appreciate what the once cherished British son is going through.

“…it’s impossible not to wonder if Harry is a bit sad right now.

“Meghan moved to London in 2017 and quickly became estranged from her social network and mental support system, leading to an exceedingly lonely life. Is a reversal of that now taking place?”


Prince Harry struggling with ‘dominating’ wife Meghan Markle

Since moving to Los Angeles, Prince Harry’s life and actions have been scrutinized with a fine tooth comb, and many have concluded that he is a man who lives in the shadow of his wife.

Lady Colin Campbell, a British journalist, recently shared her own thoughts on the prince and his decision, suggesting that Prince Harry “is a far less intelligent character” than his wife. Since he is “desperate to please” her, he still “goes along with everything she says.”

While promoting her latest novel, Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, Campbell shared her thoughts with New! Magazine.

Meghan is also a “control freak” who has full control over her whole relationship, despite the fact that the pair is still madly in love and “have a very good relationship.” Since he is absolutely “besotted” with her, Harry allegedly lets her take the reins.

“I think he’s so desperate to satisfy her,” she said, “that he’ll go along with whatever she suggests, no matter how ill-conceived it is.” He’s absolutely enamored with her.”

“She dresses in slacks and has the same dominant, beautiful, and captivating personality as Princess Diana did during her marriage.”

Meghan’s hopes, according to Campbell, have always been to outshine her late mother-in-law, but she seems to have misread her situation, and her return to fame in L.A. “won’t ‘take off’ in the way she feels it would.”

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