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Amber Heard Feels She Has Beaten Johnny Depp & Her Career Is Safe

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Amber Heard Feels She Has Beaten Johnny Depp & Her Career Is Safe

Amber Heard has been in the news again in recent days, this time for her surprising announcement of a new baby through surrogacy. The actress, who will feature in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, has been a frequent focus of internet skepticism due to her court battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp. According to the most recent revelation from insider Daniel Richtman, Heard feels she has won over Depp and that her career is now safe.

We don’t know how the insider heard this or how he knows what Amber Heard is experiencing. From the outside, it may appear that she “won,” if winning in this situation is measured by who gets to keep their job and who gets dropped. It’s hard to use the word “winning” since it usually means coming out on top, avoiding injury or penalty, and generally avoiding repercussions. It appears that the actress is still dealing with the fallout, whether in her personal or professional life.

Following the court hearings, Depp fans marched to Heard’s castle and lashed out at her, as well as Warner Bros. for being biased in the situation.

Johnny Depp has been battling a British newspaper for libel after they publicly labeled him a wife-beater. This was a reference to his alleged violent behavior throughout his relationship with Amber. Following several hearings and debates, the law issued its verdict in favor of the British tabloid. According to We Got This Covered, a source close to Amber stated that she believes her career is secure now and that she has won her battle with Depp.

Of course, Heard and Depp’s feud is far from over, as they will face off in a defamation action in Virginia courts in 2022. While her attorneys are attempting to have the lawsuit dismissed as a result of the UK judgment, it appears that more court appearances are expected in their future. For the time being, it’s apparent that Heard is doing better than Depp in terms of opportunities, owing to Depp’s departure from the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Amber Heard now has her Instagram comments restricted because she continues to suffer online abuse, her name continues to be a hot topic because Depp fans want to cancel her, and many continue to want her fired from DC and are willing to coordinate campaigns to see that happen.

Amber will appear alongside Jason Momoa in Aquaman 2.

As expected, there is still debate on some parts of the internet over whether Amber Heard deserves her success, despite the latest news about her daughter. However, the numerous petitions haven’t stopped Warner Bros. from casting her in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and there’s no evidence that she’s being kept out of other prominent parts in Hollywood. As a consequence, we wouldn’t be surprised if she felt optimistic about her future.

While Amber Heard is still working, it’s difficult to claim her job is definitely “safe.” Her life and work appear to be greatly influenced by her relationship with her ex. She is still embroiled in legal battles with Johnny Depp. His attorneys are still making allegations regarding her claims. When studios decide to cast the actress in a part, they must keep in mind that Johnny Depp fans may object. It appears that this will continue to be a factor for a long time.

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